Racer Crashes Vintage Bugatti, Walks Off To Grab A Beer Like A Boss

You know how we like to say "Like a Boss" whenever someone does something badass? We need to start saying "Like Edmund Burgess" instead. Here's why.


Burgess is a vintage car collector and racing driver who ran his $389,000 1924 Bugatti in the Prescott Speed Hill Climb in England on Sunday. Unfortunately, as the Daily Mail reported, the car began to tilt as it went around a corner before toppling over into a wall, nearly crushing Burgess.

But fear not! Despite extensive damage to the car, Burgess was unharmed. He stepped out of the car, dusted himself off, walked over to a pub and ordered himself a pint.

He said: 'It happened very suddenly. I was approaching a hairpin bend and I was going a little faster than usual, maybe 30mph, when I tried to brake.

"Before I knew it, I'd lost control and the car toppled over... My helmet must have hit the barrier, but otherwise I was OK. I decided to sit the rest of the event out in the bar with a beer."

"I'm just irritated more than anything because it means I can't compete again until this one is repaired."


Like a boss, ladies and gentlemen. Or better yet — like Edmund Burgess.

Thanks for the tips everyone!

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Must be nice to wreck a $389,000 classic and simply be 'irritated more than anything' due to not being able to race it anymore. Ah to be rich to the extent that obscenely expensive cars become practically disposable...