Racer Crashes Vintage Bugatti, Walks Off To Grab A Beer Like A Boss

You know how we like to say "Like a Boss" whenever someone does something badass? We need to start saying "Like Edmund Burgess" instead. Here's why.

Burgess is a vintage car collector and racing driver who ran his $389,000 1924 Bugatti in the Prescott Speed Hill Climb in England on Sunday. Unfortunately, as the Daily Mail reported, the car began to tilt as it went around a corner before toppling over into a wall, nearly crushing Burgess.


But fear not! Despite extensive damage to the car, Burgess was unharmed. He stepped out of the car, dusted himself off, walked over to a pub and ordered himself a pint.

He said: 'It happened very suddenly. I was approaching a hairpin bend and I was going a little faster than usual, maybe 30mph, when I tried to brake.

"Before I knew it, I'd lost control and the car toppled over... My helmet must have hit the barrier, but otherwise I was OK. I decided to sit the rest of the event out in the bar with a beer."

"I'm just irritated more than anything because it means I can't compete again until this one is repaired."

Like a boss, ladies and gentlemen. Or better yet — like Edmund Burgess.

Thanks for the tips everyone!


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