Did you suffer a major cut in pay due to the Carpocalypse? Did you have to remove your name from the list for the next Ferrari über-car? Then Race Car Replicas has your answer.

We've always wished we could afford an exotic car, but never really had the talent to build one from scratch like Ken, the Basement Lamborghini guy. Our options have always been limited to crappy fiberglass knock-offs that look more Toxic Avenger-ish than the car they're trying to replicate. Fauxrraris and Lam-Bro-Ghinis are fine for some people, but for us, it's just not our cup of tea.

Entering stage right for a big round of applause is Race Car Replicas (RCR) of Clinton Township, Michigan. They've managed to create a truly desirable and mid-engine exotic kit car built entirely in-house. RCR calls it the Superlite Coupe (SL-C) and it consists of an aluminum tig-welded chassis with a 6-point rollcage, billet aluminum custom suspension utilizing QA1 adjustable shocks and springs, front/rear 6-piston calipers with 330mm and 300mm front and rear rotors, aluminum radiator, 15-gallon Le Mans-spec fuel tank behind the seat, front 18x9.5 and rear 18x11 aluminum wheels and a Digital Dash 2 Pro+ with data logging, 2-axis G-sensors, infra-red lap timer receiver and optional GPS. The only real thing you need to provide is a set of tires and a whopper of an engine to round out this impressive package.

Total dry weight is 1000kgs (or roughly 2200 lbs. for the uninitiated) but is dependent on what engine you provide. Currently the car is perfectly setup to receive any number of GM's LS-series engines; we think a LS9 crate would be the perfect fit. RCR also recommends the use of a twin-turbo Lexus V8, but we'll stick to ‘Merican engines, thank-you-very-much.


You can pick up the rolling kit from RCR for a bargain basement price of $43,995 or a few thousand more than the cost of a fully-loaded and optioned Toyota Camry V6. Hmm… Camry or mid-engine exotic? We think we know which one to choose.








Superlite Coupe Specs

Rolling Kit Package: $43,995 (suspension hung, steering fitted, brake calipers & rotors fitted, brake lines in situ, body pinned & aligned, wheels & tires fitted)

Chassis: Aluminium Tig welded 6-point roll cage utilising DOM CNC bent seamless steel tubing Left-Hand or Right-Hand Drive Engine bay will accept any longitudinal engine trans package Seat Belt mounts included

Suspension: CNC billet aluminum unequal length upper and lower arms front & rear CNC billet aluminum uprights front & rear Pushrod rear suspension QA1 Aluminum Double Adjustable Shocks - truly independent double adjustable with 24 compression & 24 rebound adjustments with evenly spaced valving changes. QA1 Springs

Steering: Full Electric Tilt & Adjustable in/out Steering Column Collapsible steering column Quick release steering wheel

Brakes: 6 piston calipers front & rear, 330mm 2 piece vented & slotted rotors on front, 300mm 2 piece vented & slotted rotors on the rear Triple pedals in stainless steel with master cylinders and brake bias adjuster CV joint stub axles Stainless steel brake lines with Braided flexible lines

Cooling & Fuel: Aluminium radiator Twin electric fans Stainless steel cooling tubes 15 gallon(60lt) fuel tank mid mounted behind seat per Le Mans spec

Wheels: Front: 18x9.5 multi-spoke aluminum Rear: 18x11 multi-spoke aluminum Note: Tires supplied by customer

Electrical: Digital Dash 2 Pro+ with data logging, 2-axis G-sensors, infra-red lap timer receiver & optional GPS for track Headlights, tail lights, indicators Mirrors with LED high mount turn signals 20 circuit colour coded wiring harness Wiper Package

Interior: Production car style dash moulding Cable gear shifter Custom fiberglass seats Functional roof scoop feed cabin with aircraft style vents AC system with heater Windows can be supplied so that they will hinge down or completely fixed Accomodates up to 6' 4" driver

Body: High quality gelcoat body panels with gloss finish Stainless steel alignment pins All body parts are fitted and aligned Vertical opening doors DOT windscreen Hinged rear glass for engine access Lexan for side windows & headlight covers (cut to size with edges polished) All required handles and latches 4 - 4.5 inches ground clearance with removable side skirts and front spoiler for track package Supplied with front spitter, side skirts, rear diffuser & chassis mounted adjustable rear wing Choice of gelcoat colours for body: Light blue, Dark Blue, Red, Yellow, Black, White

Dimensions: Width: 74 inches (1880mm) Height: 43 inches (1092mm) Length: 168 inches (4267mm) - excluding rear wing Weight: less than 1000kg's depending on options & engine choice

All of the above is included in the standard package

Optional Extras: Handbrake Assembly Full trimmed production quality interior FIA bladder style fuel tanks Sway bars front & rear Wheels –18x10(F), 18x13(R) rotory forged aluminum. Available in painted or satin finish.

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice. Kit is supplied as a roller for shipping purposes only i.e. nothing is torqued etc.


[Via Race Car Replicas]