Race Car Driver Arrested For Hitting Rival Crew Member With His Race Car

Screenshot from Fox 8 News
Screenshot from Fox 8 News

Race car driver Joe Ryan Osborne was arrested on Saturday night after a crash on track appears to have led to a violent reprisal in the pits.


Osborne got into it with another unnamed team at the infamous Bowman Gray circle track. The unnamed team’s crew approached Osborne in the pits after the race, then Osborne whipped a donut and flung one of the rival crew members into the air, as local Fox 8 News reports.

The official charges made by the Winston-Salem Police Department are as yet unknown.


Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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My brain first registered this...............

“then Osborne whipped out a donut and flung it at one of the rival crew members”