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Volkswagen Individual, the company's in-house accessories shop for European tweakers, revealed its R line models at the Essen show last week, with such packages planned for the Golf, Touran minivan, Passat and Touareg SUV. Some might say the company is irreparably diluting its R performance brand (whither the new R32 in the US, huh?) by associating it with mainly cosmetic treatments, just as Audi does with its S line packs. But VW cares not for such talk, and will move ahead with the R line models for Europe in 2007. They'll include alloy wheels, body kits and interior upgrades, but no engine tuning. We hear the company's plotting something similar for the US market, but no word yet.

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Press Release:

In a world premiere Volkswagen Individual GmbH is presenting in Essen newly designed R line packages for the Golf, Touran, Passat and Touareg model ranges. They will first be coming out in Germany in 2007.

So far "R" has exclusively stood for high-performance cars such as the Golf R32 (250 hp), or the new Passat R36 (300 hp), which is also being shown in a world premiere in Essen. Thanks to the new R line models now for the first time exterior and interior equipment can be exclusively customized for sportiness, for the most part independently from the type of engine. The idea behind it: all R line products take up on the characteristic design elements that also distinguish the Golf R32 or the Passat R36. The entry into the world of sporty Volkswagens is becoming significantly more economical. In their implementation the differentiation to these top-notch athletes is however large enough that the independence and exclusivity of each model is maintained.

R line for the Golf

Volkswagen Individual has designed three different R line options for the Golf. For the first upgrade stage starting with the Golf Trendline an R line package is available consisting of sporty 17-inch alloy wheels (of type "Omanyt") with wide tires, a sport leather steering wheel (three spokes, perforated leather, R32-style steering wheel clip), parking brake lever and gearshift knob in leather, R-style pedals, door trims and an identifying R logo on the outside of the car.


Volkswagen put together the "Plus" R line package for the next upgrade level. In addition to the features in the first package, here top sport seats in front ("Monte Carlo" fabric with R embossed headrests) refine the interior. The "Plus" package also enters the scene with its own "Engine Spin dark" d cor.
New car buyers can order the "Exterior" R line package separately from these two packages. The package adds a dynamic look to the already powerfully designed Golf. And these are the ingredients: the protective radiator grill in dual fin design with a matte chrome surface familiar from the R32, air inlets in slatted look, 17-inch alloy wheels (of type "Omanyt"), roof edge spoiler, painted spoiler lower sections (front and back), a black diffusor, R logos on the sides of the front fenders and interior door trim.

For all Golf R line packages Volkswagen Individual offers optional 18-inch alloy wheels including sport chassis. "Vienna" leather equipment and a sporty dark rooflining can also be added to the "Plus" package.


These three R line packages - with some car-specific variations - are also being offered by Volkswagen Individual for the Touran (Trendline and Highline), Passat and Passat Variant (Sportline and Highline) and Touareg model series. All of them are also related, among other things, by the R line "Omanyt" wheels, developed for different sizes (up to 20 inches for the Touareg) and loads. R line versions for other Volkswagen models are also entirely conceivable. The R line equipment packages for the Touran, Passat and Touareg in detail:

R line for the Touran

Volkswagen Individual is showing an R line equipment program for the latest generation Touran just now introduced at the Essen Motor Show. Similar to the Golf, new car buyers can also directly customize the Touran (in Trendline and Highline versions) with the R line package. This is available for all engine types (with the exception of the Touran EcoFuel and Touran TDI with 66 kW).


With the R line package the Touran is enhanced with 18-inch alloy wheels (of type Omanyt), a sport chassis, multifunctional leather steering wheel (with R line logo in the vertical spoke), R pedals, R design door trim and matching R line logo on the outside. In addition the package includes an R line front section with painted bumper and radiator grill (also chrome dual fins) and a rear bumper that is also painted. R line logos on the right and left fenders designate this equipment line.

R line for the Passat

The Passat is among the most successful cars in the world. This Volkswagen (as a sedan and Variant) will also be available with the new R line package in the course of the coming year. Passat buyers choosing the "Sportline" and "Highline" equipment lines can also go for an "Interior" or "Exterior" package (available for all engine types).


The "Interior" R line package includes top sport seats (front) with electric 12-way adjustment including electrically adjustable lumbar support and a memory function on the driver's side ("Monte Carlo" fabric design, black on seating strip with R logo in the backrests of the front seats, "Highline" in leather equipment). Also included in this package are d cor inlays in "Engine Spin dark" style, a multifunctional leather steering wheel with R logo and control buttons for the optional DSG direct shift gearbox, the Plus multifunctional display, a gearshift knob in leather and R design pedal caps. As with all other models this equipment also includes R line door trims and 17-inch alloy wheels (of type "Omanyt").

The "Exterior" R line package, available separately or additionally, includes custom bumpers (completely in car color plus black diffusor in back), crest radiator grill with dual fin design, sport chassis, R line interior door trim and 17-inch alloy wheels (of type "Omanyt"), developed independently for the R line versions. The V6 versions come standard equipped with 18-inch alloy wheels of the same type (optionally available for all other Passat R line versions).


R line for the Touareg

The new Touareg generation will be offered with three R line packages in the future. They can be ordered for all engine versions starting from 165 kW (V6 TDI). In the first upgrade stage here the R line program offers extras including 20-inch alloy wheels (of type "Omanyt"), sport chassis, a four-spoke leather steering wheel, selector lever with R line logo, interior door trim in front with R line logo and pedal caps in R line design. Volkswagen offers "Casablanca" 20-inch alloy wheels as an alternative.


The "Plus" R line package provides an even higher degree of customization. It additionally includes a sport seating system in leather ("Nappa") with R line logos in the front headrests as well as very high-quality R line "Engine Spin dark" interior applications.

The "Exterior" R line package is also available for the Touareg. Included in this program of refinement are a matte chrome finish radiator grill with dual fins, custom bumpers also with front transverse web and rear diffusor in chrome (matte) design, special side running board and interior door trim as well as 20-inch alloy wheels of type "Omanyt".


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