Quick Question: Are Forklifts Automobiles?

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It’s Friday afternoon, so we may as well get everyone worked up into a stupid debate before the weekend starts, right? For some reason, I was considering doing a post called Friday Forklift Freakout, which would have been just forklift videos, but then I started thinking about the status of forklifts, so I arrived at this: are forklifts automobiles?

I think so. I think the taxonomy of forklifts would be Automobile/Land/Utility/Truck/Enhanced Functionality/Lifting.

Since I tend to think the term ‘automobile’ should be used for any self-propelled machine, forklifts are, essentially, a very specialized evolution of the automobile.


But I’m willing to hear arguments that I may be wrong; the point is, we’re all talking about forklifts.

And, for the hell of it, here’s some forklift videos:




A fail compilation. Why not?

Anyway, forklifts.

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