Here's the thing: A company called SameLane created a social-networking scheme that involves drivers on the highway. We'll let Dutch Mandel, writing for Automotive News explain it.

A driver calls a number, punches in another driver's license plate (presumably that they see in front of them), and can then carry on a conversation with that driver while at speed. Is this a great country, or what? ... What's next? Instead of being at home where you can whack off in private, now you can do it on the public roads and cause great public mayhem and destruction.


We're with Dutch on this one. Imagine your phone ringing and it's some myopic douchebag claiming you shaved his bumper on that last lane change. Or some meth-addled momma who takes a shine to the back of your head and wants to chat about the Beanie Babies she's named after parts of her body. Of course, vehicles have to be registered with SameLane to receive calls from riders in other vehicles. Still, this really, really can't end well. Can it? [Thanks to Frank for the tip.]

Another driving distraction: Thank SameLane [Automotive News]

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