Question Of The Day: Most Legendary Inline Six Engine?

Now here's a QOTD that's sure to get the single-interest fanatics swinging their sabers at the neck-pipes of perceived infidels, but we're hoping that y'all can dredge up some, like, objectivity here: Which I6 engine is most legendary?

Originally, this was going to be a straight-up Chrysler Slant Six versus BMW M20 versus Jaguar XK match, but then what about all those dominating Hudson racers of the 1950s? Fine, we'll consider a bunch of postwar I6s. For that matter, what makes a legend? Should sheer production figures get the plain-vanilla GM and Ford sixes in the running? What about the 10,000-year run of the Chrysler Flathead Six? The BMC C? How about the Japanese? All those great Mercedes-Benz sixes? Aaargh!

Because it's just impossible to come up with a list that won't get my name on a fatwa issued by the likes of the North American 250-Powered Camaro And Fully Automatic Weapon Owner's Club, you don't get a poll, or even suggestions (beyond the simple, unassailable fact that anyone who doesn't go with the Slant Six is a Communist or maybe worse). You can refer to the EOTD Overload list for ideas, but I'll betcha you know the answer to this question already.


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