Queen Latifah's Car Was Stolen From A Georgia Gas Station

Photo via AP Images
Photo via AP Images

Holy shit, somebody dared to steal Queen Latifah’s car. They just probably didn’t know it was actually Queen Latifah’s car.


The famous actress and musician had her 2015 Mercedes stolen on December 20th while an associate was pumping gas into it. According to NBC 11 Alive, The Queen was not present at the time of the carjacking.

According to Keith Shephard, who was driving the car registered in Queen Latifah’s real name, Dana Owens, the ignition started and the car pulled away as he removed the gas pump from the Mercedes. He says he saw a white BMW pull up shortly before the car was stolen.


According to police, there were five car thefts that same day.

However, Queen Latifah’s car was quickly recovered by police using Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance system installed on the Mercedes. From 11 Alive:

Authorities used a tracking system built for Mercedes vehicles to locate the car at an apartment complex on McDaniels Street in Mechanicsville, Ga. A security guard for the complex told police he saw three black males near the stolen Mercedes before seeing a white BMW and a Dodge Charger drive off.

After the car was recovered and impounded at the Major Case office, Owens arrived to retrieve a contract left in the car.

More and more automakers are including similar tracking systems in their cars, which can also be purchased separately and installed.

Thankfully nobody was injured. Hopefully the thieves didn’t leave the car in too bad a shape, so the Queen can go back to being, well, the Queen.


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