Queen Elizabeth II Has The Range Rover Convertible You Actually Want

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Queen Elizabeth II, England’s longest-reigning monarch, celebrated her 90th birthday today with festivities that included a cannon salute and a motorcade tour through part of London. More importantly, she rolls in a very badass custom Range Rover.


As you can see, the long wheelbase Range Rover has had its standard rear seats removed completely, as well as the back half of the roof, rear window and D-pillars.

It’s not so much a “convertible” as a landaulet, which means only the back-half is open. And actually, it doesn’t look like this vehicle has a roof-on mode at all. Probably reserved for sunny-day parade duty only.

Stagecoach-style seats have been shoehorned in to where the SUV’s cargo area would usually be, and it looks like a railing has been added around the roofline so whoever’s standing and waving from the back can keep their balance.


Not sure if the vehicle’s armored or not, but there’s so much al fresco space that bulletproof doors probably wouldn’t do much good anyway.


That flag on the hood is the Royal Standard of the United Kingdom, which basically means “Look out, queen coming through.”

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Now if only Land Rover would make a new convertible for the rest of us to buy. Oh right, they do!

Happy birthday, Your Majesty.


Hat tip to Ibrahim!

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