QTOD: So, When Do We Start Buying EVs?

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My folks are doing that thing again where they call and ask me what kind of car they should buy so we can spend weeks getting to a consensus that they ignore. Most recently, I told them to go look at a Chevy Bolt to compliment their Honda Odyssey. My Dad probably doesn’t cover a Bolt’s range in two months, it’s practical and has enough safety tech that I feel good about recommending it to a septuagenarian.


“I dunno Joe, it’s pretty small. And what if I want to come down to Detroit?” (They call me Joe.) Some version of this conversation has played out with every person I’ve recommended an EV to.

Personally, I barely drive except for road tests and occasional long road trips, so I haven’t been able to justify it. Even as EVs surpass the ability to deliver daily driver-grade utility, buyers seem to be mostly people who are really enthusiastic about EVs. Is it range? Unfamiliarity?


When do these things start making sense to people who aren’t car-obsessed? When do we actually start buying EVs?

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It’s tough, because the idea of an EV sounds great! Charge at home, instant torque, better for the environment, etc.

Living in Wisconsin though, I worry about the cold impacting the battery level and range. I can’t drive to De Pere, WI from Milwaukee, WI on a single battery charge (with 240 miles to a charge) if the temperature causes the actual range to fluctuate by 10-30 miles. You can say “Oh just charge it!” but there isn’t much of a charging next work on I41/43. I don’t want to wait 20-30 minutes in the cold to charge my car on a pretty standard trip I make weekly.

I have reservations and would need to keep 2 cars just to be safe (1 gas, 1 EV). I really think my next car maybe be a PHEV, as it gives me the best of both worlds and reduces my impact on the environment while giving me piece of mind.