QOTD: Which State Has The Best License Plates?

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Photo: Mercedes Streeter

If you have to bolt something on to your car, you want it to be stylish, or at the very least, interesting. While no one from the state is going to force you to strap colorful MaxTrax board or rad rally lights to your ride, they will make you display a license plate, sometimes two of them. A nicely designed license plate can make a person at least partially excited to spend time at the DMV. So we gots to know; which state’s license plate design is your favorite?


This discussion all started when one of our newest Jalopteen, Mercedes Streeter, posted a picture of her new Vermont plates for her school bus, which will soon be converted to an RV. It’s a nice clean design we all pretty much dig. The new New York ones (at least the ones with NY monuments on them) leave our colleagues in the Empire State a little cold.

So dig deep into your memory of playing the license plate game during long car rides and let us know: what state has the best plates? You can also pull from the past, we won’t judge. Michigan, for example, had a really nice bicentennial plate, and the classic white-lettering-on-a-blue-background plates might also soon make a reappearance in the pleasant peninsulas, which I am extremely here for.

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