QOTD: What Are Your Favorite Fast-Driving Songs?

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We used to do a thing on this site called Traffic Jams and man, I loved posting Traffic Jams. TJs turned into the Erin Good Time Playlist for a while there. Then our golden idol, The Merciless Google, decided it didn’t like websites with such short posts so we stopped doing them. But I will still occasionally hear a song and I will just want to share it with all of you.


When we did post TJs, a lot of you would chime in with songs in a similar genre or theme (or if you were like our daily commenter Nibby, some heavy metal song to act as a palate cleanser to my hipster/prog rock shit). It occurs to me that you might also have songs you want to share with the class. So what are your fast driving, standing on the goddamn gas pedal, no-glory-for-mere-mortals-death-spares-not-the-tiger tunes?

A new-to-you kick-ass song is like a brain freeze but in a good way. It vaporizes all the stress and worry and instantly gives you a “whoa” moment. So please: load up the comments. We need more “whoa” moments — the staff of Jalopnik and probably all of you. We need songs to yell while pushing the speedometer northwards. Let’s forget the horror that seems to be looming over the next few weeks (at least in the U.S.) for three to seven minutes.

Brad and I recently wrote an ultimate guide to car and driving-themed songs from our favorite band, The Mountain Goats. Since Halloween is tomorrow and I’m in full Goats mode, this song (which is fast, mentions cars, is about paranoia and kicked off the Goats’ live stream concert last night) strikes me as a perfect pick:

And if you’re thinking I wrote this QOTD just to sneak in another Traffic Jam, well, I’m not sure what to say to such a wild accusation. How dare you.

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Obvious choice: “Radar Love” by Golden Earing. Even if you aren’t in a driving fast mood, this song will put you in a driving fast mood.

And yes, this song and I are both older than dirt. It still rocks.