QOTD: How Much Do You Think About Warming?

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It’s Friday, so how about another fun one? Early on in the pandemic, I made the decision to read The Uninhabitable Earth, or at least listen to it while I worked on cars at night. I still intend to finish it, but I didn’t make it through on my first try. It turns out that listening to the ways I was helping to make the world unlivable for my babies wasn’t the key to wrenching productivity, not in the way that listening to two people make fun of bad Kickstarters is. Still, I spend a lot of time reading about and thinking about the consequences of climate change.

I know that our individual decisions as consumers, even our behavior as car enthusiasts, aren’t exactly to blame for the coming climate collapse, at least not on the scale of commuting, shipping and industrial polluters.

But does it eat away at you at all, participating in the carbon thing? Have you taken measures to drive less, to get around more efficiently? Are you trying to forget and/or focus on the many other things that are threatening to make your future worse than you could have imagined? How much do you think about warming?

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To be honest, and for the sake of my own sanity, I try not to think about it too much. We’re past pretty much every tipping point now and we are legit doomed. I honestly think we’re within two or three generations of the extinction of the human race now. This is the scenario some of us old enviro hippies have been warning about for the last forty or so years. To see the mass of humanity now getting upset, and yelling “why did nobody warn us” is a real kick in the head to us old campaigners. We did warn you all, and you ridiculed us until it was too late, now you are turning around and blaming us for you not listening. But sure, buy a Tesla, whatever, that’ll fix things.