Qatar Rejects Brand New A380s, CEO Bashes Airbus

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Qatar CEO Akbar Al Baker expressed extreme disappointment with Airbus, in an interview from the Farnborough Airshow. The airline chose to reject deliveries of it's first three new A380s this week, citing quality issues related to the cabin.

When asked specifically what was wrong with the planes, Al Baker told the interview to ask Airbus, and "Be sure they tell you the truth, because the CEO of Qatar Airways will correct it." He also added. "If an aircraft manufacturer doesn't fulfill an obligation to Qatar Airways, then our relationship will definitely be strained." This was in response to whether Qatar may pursue orders with a competing aircraft from Boeing.


Qatar A380 First Class bed [Image via Airbus]

Airbus EVP of Programs told reporters issues related to the cabin and included paint in some areas having a bubbled texture, joint lines on wallpaper and some gaps in non-textile floor coverings.


Qatar has 13 A380s on order, the first of which were supposed to be delivered in May of this year. You can't blame Al Baker for being upset, as the delay has messed up the airline's fleet scheduling. Others have suggested his public outcry is simply a power play, to drive down the cost of future orders.