"Puttin' On The Ritz" edition

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So, what's new with everyone? All bundled up for the big snow in your respective homes/dorms/correctional facilities? It's a little chilly around Casa Jalopnik, and that's even before we go outside. Hi-yo!...wait, is that a pitchfork?


We're glad many of you like the new look. We're sad many of you want to form small groups and do Wiki searches for how to make long-burning torches from used motor oil and tampons. It's been a big day for everyone, and we've been working on getting this monster into his top hat and tails for months. Having read all the comments — yes, all the comments — you might expect me to pick one that plays up the benefits of the new redesign. But this is Jalopnik, and that's not the way we roll. I think Jeb_Hoge drew up a nice line on the situation:

This whole redesign thing reminds me of those episodes of Trading Spaces where the hosts come up with some radical rework of the room, the producers and PAs probably egg them on/LOOOOVE it!, and then when the homeowners walk in, the tears start to flow. It's still a room in the house. It's still a functional living space, but man, it's seriously hard to come to terms with the changes.

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Congratulations, Mr. Jeb_Hoge, on today's COTD! My award to you is a classic Chevy that this lovely lady will bring to you soon. The Chevy has undergone some changes too. Some will think it's for the better, and others will like the original.