Remember those knit caps with shards of Coors cans sewn into them? Coorsskin! Put on your Billy Carter suit of armor made from beer can pull-tabs, and you'll be dressed for some Malaise beer-drinking action. And that brings us to Golden, Colorado, where Coors is made and Discontinuuity has photographed more than a dozen cool old street-parked vehicles for us. Make the jump for many, many more photos and Discontinuuity's descriptions.

Just thought I'd send you some pictures of old cars I've seen parked on the street in Golden Colorado. I don't know much about them (except that the VW pickup is an '81 diesel), but if you're doing DOTS in Denver you might as well do it in Golden too. I've put a few observations below.

(Yellow Ford pickup) While not technically parked on the street (this is in an apartment parking lot), this truck and the Jeep behind it were too good to pass up. I don't think this truck has moved in awhile

(Green MGB) I see the owner of this MG blasting around Golden sometimes. I think he's a student at the School of Mines. He's certainly got plenty of stickers.

(VW Rabbit pickup) My neighbor is getting his roof redone. One of the workers was driving this thing. He says it gets about 45 mpg and that guys in bigger trucks tend to laugh at his old pos.

(Toyota Land Cruiser) JC Whitney Spirit of Ecstasy figurehead

(Yellow Dodge truck) Not the best gas cap

(Turquoise Dodge truck) This Dodge pickup is my favorite of the bunch. It's Job-Rated! No parking brake, apparently. I love that gas pedal. That wooden bed is in surprisingly good condition.

(Orange IH Scout) Dig those funky plastic windows.

(White IH Scout) The second Scout. I didn't stick around to take many more pictures of this one since it sounded like some kind of domestic disturbance was happening in the house back there