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Put Down The Damn Camera And Help The Woman In The Gas Spewing Car

Apparently whoever posted this video on YouTube decided that it would be better to film a hybrid with gas pouring out of the bottom than it would be to flag down the driver and have them shut off the engine. This is true asshattery, folks.


The poster, High Tech Corvette, seemed to be salivating over the possibility that the worst would happen.

The other day I saw this car run over a driveshaft on the freeway and it either cut a gas line or punched a hole in the gas tank. The car was spewing gas everywhere, I was afraid it was going to turn into a rolling fireball.


Thankfully the Lexus didn't turn into a rolling fireball as it traveled down Highway 59 near Sugar Land, Texas, although HTC followed it as far as the freeway exit ramp to make sure (not that he/she was in much of a position to help out). One of the post's commenters pointed out HTC's possible motivation for unabashed tragedy stalking.

"somebody needs to tell her" but not us. We will just film it and hopefully it will burst into flames and I will get lots of youtube hits lol.

(Hat tip to Baber K. Khan!)

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How does a drive shaft end up in the road anyway? Don't you kind of need that? I mean, you'd think the weight would be enough to hold it into a truck or onto a trailer by friction at least... I dunno. I just have a feeling this guy doesn't actually know what she hit.