Martinsville Speedway is a bit shorter than many other tracks on the NASCAR schedule, therefore, there will be carnage. Of course, some folks decide to get all pushy-shovey about said carnage and start yelling things like "I'll give ya all I got!" after coming back into the pitlane.


Today's Kroger 200 race had enough yellow flags to make a fabulous bouquet and enough stop-and-go race-wise to make it feel like Austin traffic towards the end of the race. On top of that, one relatively small hit that didn't even cause a spin-out or much damage at all led to a bit of pitlane madness after the race.

In this video, Johnny Sauter is a bit angry with Timothy Peters for Peters' nudge on track that caused Sauter to lose a position. Sauter bumped Peters' truck on the way into the pit lane and it all went downhill from there, folks.


Didn't we learn this lesson with the Sprint Cup series? Ohhhhh, that's right. No, we didn't. Keselowski just got a proverbial $50K slap on the wrist for a much, much hotter mess. We can't cage this WILD HORSE of MACHO. Nope.

Meanwhile, the two cars involved in one of the hardest SAFER barrier hits I've seen in quite some time didn't have a delicious filmed altercation at all:

Drivers John Wes Townley and Brandon Jones thankfully escaped from this wreck unhurt and without any post-race yelling (that we know of) at Brandon Reddick for causing the spin.

Oh, NASCAR. Keep on keepin' on, so long as nobody gets hurt.

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