Chicago’s WGN9 reported similarly, saying that there isn’t communication with the truckers. From WGN9:

“There are thousands of containers in the port of San Juan right now,” said Diana Emmanuelli, a Maria evacuee. “And at the airport there’s tons of aid coming in right now as well but it’s just they can’t distribute it because lack of infrastructure and communications.”

“The chain of custody down there right now isn’t being determined as quickly as it should be because of the lack of communication,” she said.

She says because people have no way to communicate truckers can’t be mobilized.

Heavy damage to the roads and computer systems is being resolved, but slowly, according to the Wall Street Journal. Jose Ayala, vice president of Puerto Rico services at Crowley, a Jacksonville, FL-based ship operator, said that the company is attempting to gather truckers together to get the goods out.