Tesla Owner Says Model S Screwed Up His Auto-Parking [Updated]

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Having a semi-autonomous car is, for the moment, a bit like having a small child. Every day you’re amazed by what it can do, but for the love of all that is holy do not let it do whatever it wants without supervision. Like park. [UPDATE!]

UPDATE: The creator of the video wrote in to say that there actually was enough space. We were tricked by the camera angle:

For some reason, the left ultrasonic did not catch the truck’s rear bed and though the end of the tire was the end of the obstacle... It started it’s straightening maneuver way too soon.

I parked behind the white truck right away in one shot, this was not a “too tight spot”


Bad Tesla. Even still! Remember that until these things are perfect, the person in the driver’s seat should watch out for such things. The original post follows below.

Your Tesla will try to park itself even in places where it can’t actually park. Don’t let it. You are the adult in this situation. Be the boss you think you are. When it’s 18 years old maybe it’ll be ready for college and know how to do a few things on its own.


Until then, watch it.