Protesting Toronto Cab Driver Attacks UberX Car, Gets A Free Uber Ride

A disgruntled Toronto taxi driver at an anti-Uber protest decided to beat on the window of a car he suspected to be UberX-ing. He then brilliantly decided to hang off the side of the poor Civic as it tried to drive away, proving yet again that the machine is greater than the man.

According to CBC, taxi drivers in Toronto are pissed at Uber and decided to stage a protest at city hall. This kind of thing is nothing new, as taxi drivers around the world have been losing their minds over Uber letting random people steal all their business.

The taxi driver in this video let his frustration get to him and went full Nut-Job mode, pounding on the Civic’s window after asserting “This is an UberX.” Then, as the driver tried speeding away, our brilliant hero taximan grabbed onto the A-pillar and got himself a free 50-foot Uber ride.


The crazed taxi loon, who told CBC he had 22 years of experience as a cabbie, said he was “just trying to get the point across.” If “the point” is “I’m an utter nincompoop,” then I think he achieved his goal.

Back in my day, we at least used a skateboard when we went skitching.

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Wild Weasel

Every time I get involved in this conversation, I feel a little dirty. I mean... I feel like the cabbies have a legitimate grivance, but when I try to articulate that I feel like I’m defending cabbies and frankly, they don’t deserve that.

Yes, it’s not fair. They should get to compete on an even playing field, and right now they can’t. But it doesn’t seem like they’re even trying to compete. They just want Uber banned, which is stupid. I think the problem is that if the playing field is leveled, they’ll lose out even worse as it will legitimize Uber and people will choose cabs even less.

So far as I can tell, they’ve done absolutely nothing in the past year to try to improve their product a tiny bit.