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The man who was just picked to run the commuter rail system of New Jersey, a fetid chemical swamp that falsely proclaims itself the “Garden State” in a desperate bid to convince dumb rubes and many of my coworkers that it’s not actually that bad, seemed all happy to be in charge of the whole shebang. Until, of course, he found out he had to actually move there.

From the Wall Street Journal:

William Crosbie, who was to start as NJ Transit’s next executive director later this month, cited concerns over relocating his family from Virginia, an agency spokesman said.

“The decision came as a surprise to us because of the level of mutual enthusiasm we both shared when he accepted the offer,” Richard Hammer, who serves as NJ Transit’s chairman in his role as New Jersey’s acting transportation commissioner, said in a statement.


“Oh shit, you mean I have to actually live in that trash fire?” has to be the best excuse for getting out of a commitment, ever.

Anyways, New Jersey Transit needs a new boss. Everyone should wait their turn before going to file a job application.

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