Proof used sports car dealerships were an amazing place to be in the early 1960s

If you were looking for a sports car in the early 1960s it appears Coyle-Hampton Motors in El Cerrito, Ca wouldn't have been a bad place to start. We can't find one item on their lot that wasn't a little bit interesting or exotic even when it was a used car.

From the Corvettes to the Alfa to the E-type we wouldn't even know where to start the test drives if we were transported back in time to Coyle-Hampton motors—even the VW "shop truck" is cool. Unfortunately beyond the fact we're lacking a time machine, we aren't exactly sure what year we would have to travel back to in order to get this specific lineup.


Considering all of these cars are used—including the E-type—we'd guess at least 1962 but someone more familiar with the variety of early foreign cars pictured might be able to disprove that. We were also unable to source exactly where in El Cerrito, Ca the dealership is.

A quick Google search did turn up one very revealing piece of information about Coyle-Hampton Motors—in the 1960s it was owned by John Coyle, a lifelong SCCA member who unfortunately passed away in 2007. Upon reading this the fact Coyle-Hampton's lot was so full of fun to drive sports cars immediately made a lot more sense.

Photo Credit: aldenjewell

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