Here's New Video of the Mid-Engine Corvette Running Around California

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The Mid-Engine Corvette is already burdened with the curse of being an expensive American car. That means it will go on auction early in its production run, and Boomer money will pile onto it and relegate the thing to “collector” status before a tire ever hits the road.

But the car shouldn’t be trapped in a garage. It shouldn’t be forced to live out its life in a climate-controlled prison, waiting for the day that it can come back up at Barrett-Jackson with LOW MILES EARLY SERIAL NUMBER NUMBERS MATCHING COLLECTOR’S EDITION.

I say this because here’s a collection of a pre-production prototypes out in the snow and slush and sleet on a twisting California mountain road, the kind of place a traditional Corvette driver would look at and resolve to stay inside and grouse about while soaking in the hotel hot tub.


As you can see, it need not be so.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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