Proof Ford's working on AWD Fiesta-based crossover

This Ford Fiesta mule spotted by a Jalopnik reader near Ford's Dearborn HQ shows a taller, possibly AWD crossover rolling on Ford's small car platform. Unlike the Ford B-Max concept from Geneva, this mule gets its height from a revised suspension.


If you want an AWD Ford Fiesta you essentially have to be Ken Block as the rest of us have been left with FWD only. These photos show a car with the Fiesta's approximate wheelbase reaching for a ride-height somewhere in the Yao Ming range.

Neither of these shots show us enough of the car underneath to see if there's a true AWD setup, nor do we know this isn't just a mule for a non-Fiesta-platformed vehicle wearing the econobox's five-door skin.


We don't 100% know what it is, but if it's anything like it looks we're 100% sure we want to know more.

(Hat tip to Daniel for sending this in!)

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