Project Splitwheel Wants You To Build The Next Caterham Sports Car

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Project Splitwheel wants your help in designing the world’s first user-generated car, in conjunction with Caterham, who will put the resulting car into production. “Cars are amongst the most hotly debated topics on the internet and for the first time we are going to channel some of that passion and energy into an exciting high-profile project with a real-world outcome," says the company. “Every attribute and detail of the new vehicle will be decided by Project Splitwheel members, from the chassis and powerplant to styling, equipment and even the name.” The project will kick off in the new year, when they’re hoping to receive a huge range of input from around the world, generating ideas and designs that will be channeled and directed by experts. They’re leaving everything totally open-ended; the engine location, type and configuration; the name; the performance level; everything. Caterham could put the results into production as early as 2011. The whole thing sounds really cool and we’ll be keeping track of progress as it develops. Hopefully this all works out as claimed, with Joe the internet troll and Sally the web-dwelling misanthrope able to offer real input, rather than just being lured into yet another lame marketing tool. [Project Splitwheel]


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Heading over to the site next.

Here's my quick thoughts.

1. True drivers car,, to me, that means, the driving position is properly adjustable, from "race mode" (adjustable pedals, seat, 5 point harness all standard), to "everyday mode" CG-lock belts, room for 4 (the back two, just barely)

2. Integrated cage for track days

3.Adjustable suspension and brake bias

4. Built in telemetry (a simple iphone/ipod touch will do)

5. Analog gauges (or at least a dash that can show analog or digital (acheivable))

6. Standard running gear on available suspension parts (formula ford suspensions/ common engine/transmission package)

7. Option of flappy paddles (that rotate with the wheel) and stick (sequential and H pattern) for a customizable driving experience.

Adjustable downforce options incorporated with built in styling options. Different looks mean different performance, rally car, to open wheel, to stocker all with their own aero packages on a set rolling chassis.

Just a few thoughts.