First of all, it looks like the Jalopnik readership feels I should pass on the '65 Falcon wagon in favor of the remote-twin-turbo Volvo wagon, though not by a huge margin. Food for thought, indeed; will keep youse informed. And let's not forget Friday's PCH Pimp Edition poll, in which we had our closest vote ever: at the time of this writing, the Bill Blass Lincoln leads the Cordoba 243 to 236! Looks like we'll need to do another Pimp Edition, to settle the issue once and for all. But enough about the past- now it's time to look at today's PCH contestants...

Sure, you could get a factory MGB with a V8 straight from Abingdon-on-Thames, but then you got the weak Rover V8. No, the best thing to do is to drop a cast-iron Detroit V8 into that B (yes, we know the Rover engine is actually of Detroit origin), like this '68 MGB-GT with a 302 and 4-speed, available for a Corvette-stomping $4000 price tag! We're assuming it's a Ford 302 and not the Chevy variety, though the seller doesn't specify that minor detail. He does, however, mention that the engine has nutso 12:1 compression, meaning no straight pump gas for this beast. There's also a crude hack-job hood scoop setup. Oh, and the engine isn't running (supposedly halfway through an electronic-ignition conversion). And the clutch and brake pedals are messed up. And the side pipes are hideous. And... well, just imagine how freakin' fast this thing would be if running!

But when it comes to exiting this life backwards in a ball of fire, nothing beats a rear-engined German machine, ja? Say, this '72 Porsche 914 mit Chevrolet 327 power, for example? With a front/rear weight distribution well into don't-want-to-think-about-it territory, this thing is sure to provide plenty of panic-stricken driving fun for the rest of your abbreviated life (though the seller claims to have used it as a daily driver for 20 years). It looks to have a manual trans, but it could be an automatic with a faux-manual shifter; in any case, the seller claims the transmission has a recent rebuild. The price tag is pretty steep, at $8900 (the seller gets extra chutzpah points for claiming it's $1000 less than that, because he's throwing in tires and wheels on the deal), but we're pretty sure a sharp wheeler-dealer such as yourself could make Baron von Small-Block see some reason. You'll need a few bucks left over to fix the godawful fender flares and do a bunch of paint and body work.

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