Project Car Hell: Four Opel GTs or Two Fiat 600s?

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We had quite the excitement yesterday, what with the virtual tie between the '81 Lancia Zagato and the '74 AMC Javelin in the polling (the Javelin wins by a nose). Now that we've breached the $2000 Project Car Hell price barrier, we might as well do away with the requirement that a Hell Project needs to be a single car...


Parts cars are great! It's like having your own private junkyard, right there in your driveway. Sure, the neighbors might grumble about your typical ugly parts car, but how could they possibly object to you lining up three beautiful Opel GT parts cars on your front yard? That's what you'd have if you bought these four Opel GTs! What you get for your $2500 is one running '70 GT plus two somewhat complete '70s and a '73. Oh yeah, just because the seller feels sorry for you appreciates a fellow Opel fancier, you'll get a bonus engine and transmission. Man, with all that stuff you could put together at least two runners... right? And they're like little Corvettes, mang! Imagine the fun of your instant Opel GT junkyard! You'll need some fierce dogs to guard it, of course- it wouldn't do to have marauding bands of Opel thieves stripping those priceless parts.

There's no need to be stuck with a bunch of Germanized GMs just because you dig the parts-car idea, however- not when you can pony up a deal-of-the-century $2450 for a pair of 1964 Fiat 600Ds! The seller is clearly running out of patience with flakazoid Craigslist buyers, judging by the listing's 6-point anti-flake introduction (hey, I've been there; every time I try to sell a car on Craigslist I swear it's the last time), so if you show up with a stack-o-cash a couple hundred bucks lower than his price you'll probably still get the cars. There are two engines (one seized) and sufficient bits and pieces between the two cars that you'd be able to postpone the start of your hopeless search for unobtainable Fiat parts by, oh, at least six months.

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"Mom, I'm going out for a shake. You want chocolate?"


"Mom, where's the extinguisher?"

Seriously, at least two separate attempts at a quick burger run resulted in clouds of smoke in the passenger cabin. We upgraded everything to something like #2 welding cable and that seems to have fixed it.

Extensive elbows-deep experience with the G-D T gives me an edge. Gotta go with the hell you know!