Project Car Hell: Camaro or Mustang?

Apologies for the lack of Project Car Hell recently, but I'm on vacation in rural Wisconsin and teh internets is hard to come by out here. Anyway, in our most recent poll, the Turbo Corvair-ified VW Bus just barely beat the pair-o-Vegas, and I'm sure that's just whetted your appetites for low-budget projects with great die-in-blaze-o-hoonic-glory (DIBOHG) potential. So, we're going to pit a pair of the all-time favorite American hoonmobiles against each other here...


Break out your Dead Milkmen albums, because we got us an '82 Camaro that's just counting the minutes until some lucky soul hauls it away. It's got a factory 4-speed! OK, we don't know what engine it has (we're betting it's not a 383 stroker with a Holley double-pumper and Hookers, but ya never know, ya know?) Other than the hood, it's all there, and the owner is only asking $300 (needs to be off the land ASAP, you see). Even if the engine has all of its rods dangling rustily out the block, you can practically buy small-block Chevy mills at K-Mart these days. Don't worry about the terrifyingly bad build quality of the early-third-gen F-body, because that will just add to the appeal when you give it a thick coat of flat black house paint... with a roller. The DIBOHG-O-Meter is off the scale here, folks!

You say you're a Ford loyalist who wouldn't be caught dead in a goddamn Camero (sic)? Or maybe you just like the lighter weight and easier availability of junkyard parts for the Ford Fox. Either way, this '82 Mustang is the car for you! The seller describes it as being just a body, but it clearly has at least some suspension. No need to worry about lack of drivetrain parts, though, because your local junkyard likely has a whole row of late-80s Lincoln Mark VIIs with 5.0 HOs that'll bolt right into this car. Not only that, it's got a "tittle" (sic)! If any car can possibly hope to rival the DIBOHG potential of a Camaro, you're looking at it rat cheer!

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