Project Car Hell: Bugamino or 510 Limo?

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I thought about going a bit more upscale with today's Choose Your Eternity entries, perhaps looking at project cars in the $2500-$5000 price range. But then I ran across these two fine cars and I knew I had no choice but to go with them. As we know, the German machine decisively beat the Japanese one in yesterday's All-Axis Project Car Hell Challenge, so we're going to give the vehicular products of our erstwhile enemies another shot today and see if perhaps the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere can come out on top this time...


How about a good ol'-fashioned 1970 Beetle-with-truck-bed? You used to see flatbed Type 1s roaring around now and then, but these days a Bugamino sighting is rare indeed. This one looks reasonably complete (including the requisite rust on the floor pan) and the owner says it "runs good" (i.e., it gets louder when you stand on the gas pedal). Nice custom paint stripes, too! Does the body flex like Jell-O? Does the engine overheat? Hey, that's Project Car Hell! The seller would really like to get $1300 for this fine mo-chine, but we're pretty sure he'd perk up at the sight of a much shorter stack of Franklins.

Fine, you say, the Bugamino is nice and all... but the voices that whisper to you from the power lines are telling you something different. They're saying you deserve to roll in a purple Datsun 510 limo! Nitpickers might point out that the seller is vague about both the car's condition and its price ("this is just a to see what this might be worth to anyone out there"), but: a purple goddamn Datsun 510 limo! The running gear should be pretty easy to deal with, but there's just no telling what sort of scary hacks were involved during the stretching process. Imagine this car with the full Duke of New York chandeliers-on-fenders treatment, with red rotating disco balls instead of taillights and purple velour interior!


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@skaz: I'm with stupid (it's just an expression, haha) on this one, you guys probably make enough money off ads (fingers crossed) to make a REAL hash of things when it's time to answer the call. To paraphrase Hammond, May, Clarkson, and company: "how hard could it be?!"