Project 1964 Lincoln Continental: Trunk Lid Ballet

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This is just going to be a set of pictures with the trunk lid on. There are no pictures of the trunk-lid-putting-on process. There are no pictures of the process because it involved a Friday night, a case of Bud, me stubbing my toe on the trunk lid as it leaned against the wall, and me deciding to man up and put it on myself. The previous sissy version of the plan had been to ask a buddy for help, perhaps use rope or pulleys or something to ease it into place. With the insult of the stubbed toe, that was out of the question. The slightly angry, slightly intoxicated version that was executed was to lay a thick blanket across the rear deck in front of the window, heft the trunk to waist height vertically, step into the trunk while balancing the lid on my thigh, rest it on the deck while turning my back to it, hook the curve of the trunk on my shoulders, then use drunk strength to hover the lid over the mounting holes while threading the bolts in place. I think a pirouette may have been involved. Oh by the way, the trunk lid measures 5' by 5'5" and weighs about 120 lbs. How I managed to not destroy something I will never know.

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I see Kingston charcoal in the background. Is this for your own ghetto-fab version of the Lexus ball bearing test?