Profiles in Badge Engineering Courage: Daewoo Launches G2X

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The Saturn Sky roadster is apparently GM's two-seater for the global market (sorry, Solstice). A version has already found its way into the Opel lineup as the Opel GT. Now, GM's Korean connection Daewoo's getting its own Sky. Make that the G2X. First shown at the Seoul motor show earlier this year, the G2X will get the same 2.0-liter direct-injection turbo four (producing 265 hp) as the US Saturn Sky Red Line. The price? Millions and millions of Won.


Press Release:

GM Daewoo Launches G2X Roadster

Classic rear-wheel-drive roadster unique among domestic manufacturers

Seoul, Korea - GM Daewoo Auto & Technology (GM Daewoo) announced today that its sporty roadster, the G2X priced at 43.9 million won will go on sale on September 1. With the G2X, which was one of the highlights of this year's Seoul Motor Show, GM Daewoo will open up a new chapter in the domestic automotive industry.

"The launch of the G2X is a great example of how GM Daewoo as a member of the General Motors family, is leveraging GM's global resources," said GM Daewoo President and CEO Michael A. Grimaldi. "The G2X offers head-turning style and driving performance at a price well below a comparable import roadster. The result is an exciting model that no other Korean manufacturer has in its showroom."

Sophisticated, Sleek and Dynamic Design

The modern definition of a classic roadster finds its form in the G2X. It brings with it a lot of personality thanks to its exciting shape, which contrasts sharp edges with curved surfaces to create a dynamic look. A wide stance, sleek body, long front-hinged hood and short overhangs express a dynamic silhouette.

Its bold hood character line and bumper with edge design deliver a strong sports car image. Projection beam halogen headlamps and fog lamps not only increase visibility at night, but also emphasize the roadster's dynamic front-end styling.

The body, which narrows in the middle, boasts the essence of aerodynamics. Air-bent, five-spoke 18-inch alloy wheels and a sweepback that keeps air from blowing into the vehicle while driving all accentuate the roadster's sporty image.


Jewel-like chrome-coated rear lamps, LED rear brake lamps, a rear bumper designed with aluminum tips, a backup light in the middle of the rear bumper and integrated twin mufflers further accentuate the sporty design.

The "piano black" interior with chrome finishes features a premium-leather steering wheel with audio and trip computer controls, a sporty dashboard with an advanced trip computer that allows the driver to easily and accurately capture vehicle information, and a 225-watt MP3/CD audio system with a large sub-woofer, seven speakers and a six-CD changer. Chrome ring buttons on the heating and cooling system add yet another sporty touch to the interior.


Highly refined leather sports bucket seats hold the driver and passenger snug even under extreme driving conditions, making driving safer and more enjoyable.

High-Performance Engine with Gasoline Direct Injection

The G2X is powered by a state-of-the-art two-liter engine with a turbocharger and high-tech Gasoline Direct Injection. The engine boasts segment-leading maximum power of 264 hp and maximum torque of 36 kg.m. Its 132 hp per liter of displacement (a typical attribute of sports car engines) is also best in class, which puts the GM Daewoo roadster well ahead of its competitors, including far more expensive imports.


Maximum power and torque are attained between 2,500 and 5,000 rpm, ensuring optimum driving performance in any and all driving conditions. Its outstanding power propels the G2X from standstill to 100 km/h in just 5.5 seconds (with manual transmission, overseas) and up to a maximum speed of 227 km/h. Its fuel economy of 9.8 km per liter is remarkable for a performance vehicle.

The G2X's 1,998-cc four-cylinder ECOTEC engine is equipped with cutting-edge features such as a twin-scroll turbocharger with an intercooler, double overhead camshafts, which are both adjustable via an electro-hydraulic rotary disk for variable valve timing, and twin counter-rotating balance shafts. Direct injection optimizes the compression ratio to 9.2:1, minimizing turbo lag. As major components are all made of lightweight aluminum, the engine maximizes heat efficiency and durability.


A five-speed automatic transmission with limited slip differential effectively delivers strong propulsion power to the rear wheels, while a torque beam between the transmission and rear axle suppresses reactions to acceleration/deceleration effects.

Precise Handling and Optimized Safety

Produced with hydro-forming technology, which uses high water pressure, the chassis of the G2X provides outstanding stability. Providing additional stability are a wide tread (front/rear: 1,543/1,561 mm), a long wheelbase (2,415 mm), a low center of gravity and a balanced 51:49 weight distribution between front and rear.


All four wheels are suspended from twin A-arms made from forged aluminum. Paired with Bilstein mono-tube shock and pipe stabilizers, the G2X chassis allows for sharp handling and accurate steering.

Its large disc brakes, ABS and level-adjustable Electronic Stability Program work in harmony to ensure a stable yet dynamic sports car driving performance. Two-stage air bags automatically sense the weight and posture of occupants, offering tailored degrees of deployment force.
Comfort & Convenience Features and Special Service Programs


The new model features plenty of convenience and comfort features such as an immobilizer, stainless steel pedals, and an interior rearview mirror that absorbs light from following vehicles and prevents glare during nighttime driving. The lightweight soft-top roof can be opened and closed easily. Seatback pockets, extra pockets on the console and doors, and three cup holders in the center console and doors make everyday driving even more convenient.

For true sports car enthusiasts and better convenience, GM Daewoo will offer special accessories for the G2X including a rear spoiler, 18-inch cast chrome wheels, a rear wind screen and tonneau cover.


GM Daewoo will operate dedicated G2X Service Corners at its 29 designated service centers nationwide in addition to a G2X customer call center, a specialized customer consultation service where G2X customer service representatives will respond to customer queries, and a first-of-its-kind service reservation system. GM Daewoo also is launching a G2X premium aftersales program that offers free maintenance, free towing and free replacement car service throughout the warranty period.

"The G2X rear wheel drive roadster has a near-perfect front to rear weight distribution ensuring performance that will live up to the meaning of its name 'Go 2 eXtreme'," said Rick LaBelle, GM Daewoo Vice President of Commercial Operations. "Combined with its premium aftersales program, the G2X ownership will be one of a kind."


The first 100 G2X buyers will be invited to participate in the two-day Sports Driving School. GM Daewoo Racing Team professionals will teach safe driving skills and offer useful driving tips, which will help owners fully enjoy the performance of the classic rear-wheel-drive roadster.

The G2X will retail for KRW 43,900,000.

GM Daewoo Auto & Technology was established in 2002. It has five manufacturing facilities in Korea as well as an assembly facility in Vietnam. In addition, GM Daewoo provides market and brand-specific vehicle kits for assembly at GM facilities in China, Thailand, India, Colombia and Venezuela. In 2006, GM Daewoo sold in Korea and exported more than 1.52 million units, including CKD products. GM Daewoo now produces vehicles and kits for Chevrolet, Buick, Opel, Vauxhall, Pontiac, Holden and Suzuki that are offered in more than 150 markets on six continents. Imported GM products from the Cadillac and Saab premium brands are sold in Korea through GM AutoWorld retailers. More information on GM Daewoo and its operations can be found on the company's website at



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