Screencap via FaZe Rain
Screencap via FaZe Rain

Nordan Shat, a member of the professional esports team FaZe Clan, received a supremely unpleasant surprise thanks to a wayward Ford Mustang earlier this month. His Audi R8 was about to be loaded onto a trailer to be shipped to his new home when a Mustang peeled out Cars-and-Coffee-style into the R8, totaling it instantly. Sad!


Shat, who goes by “Rain” online, posted a teary video on Twitter in shock that some moron would wreck his car out of nowhere.


The R8, which was Shat’s first car and prized possession, had been recently modified at a body shop and was sitting on brand new wheels. Shat hadn’t even gotten to drive his freshly modified car before it got totalled.

The body shop that had been making various upgrades to Shat’s car later filled him in with the details. Shat explained the sheer ridiculousness of the crash on video:

[A representative from the body shop] was like, “Yeah, some dude in a Mustang hit your car. He totaled it—like, your car was destroyed, but we have it all on footage.”

I do have the security footage—I can’t show you guys that yet, but I’m telling you guys, if you guys watch it, you will get angry. It’s a terrible—it’s such a fail. It’s so bad!


That thing had like 550 horsepower fuckin’ swerving and he just hit my car. He was just fuckin’ around and he was driving super recklessly—he wasn’t drunk or anything, but he was driving super recklessly and hit my car and completely destroyed it.

So, how avoidable was this accident? Let’s see that security footage (skip to 1:05 for the clip):


The driver had insurance, but it only enough to cover $100,000, and Shat says he paid $250,000 for the car. The frame was bent on impact, and he’s unsure what he’ll do from here to replace it. No one was seriously injured in the crash.


Shat would like another R8, though. Hopefully this one comes with plenty of Mustang-away.

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