"Pro Street" Mercedes-Benz Does Burnouts In Style

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Whether you want to class it up at the drag strip or you're sick of your old Benz being slow and smelling like diesel, this "Pro Street" Mercedes-Benz could be the car for you.

According to Wikipedia, Pro Street is "a style of street-legal custom car, usually built for drag racing. Cars of this type typically feature a narrowed rear axle coupled with oversized rear wheels for maximum grip, and large capacity V8 engines, often supercharged."

You've seen them before, probably at a car show, covered in neon colors, huge engines sticking out of the hood, fancy roll cages making it hard to get in or out of, and two foot wide rear tires on either side. Pro Street cars are designed to be half drag car and half street car, and often end up being not very good for either. Popular in the 80s and 90s although they aren't trendy anymore, there are still a lot of Pro Street Cars out there.


When you do see one you usually expect a Pro Street Camaro or a Pro Street Challenger, but when the owner of the car you see here went Pro Street, he decided to do it in German luxury. This 1975 Mercedes started out life as a 240D which meant it had an inline diesel engine that produced less then 100 horsepower. Now in the diesel's place is a Big Block 460 Ford with an estimated 500 horsepower.

What has to be the only Pro Street Mercedes in the world has been featured in magazines and won numerous trophies. Guaranteed to turn heads at any drag strip or car show, the car is a stroke of mad genius. It takes a certain type of person to go to the lengths of building something so strange but so excellent.


This unique creation comes with a rather hefty price tag. The car took over 2,000 hours to build and the owner estimates that it would cost $170,000 to replicate. Lucky for you, it isn't necessary to replicate it because this one is for sale on Ebay. The Pro Street Benz has a Buy It Now price of $79,900 and with three days left in the auction, the opening bid of $50,000 has not yet been met.