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'Privatize The DMV,' Says Results Of New Survey

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 1, 2013 —, an online company that provides information about the United States' Department of Motor Vehicles, recently announced its decision to publish the results of a new survey regarding America's relationship with the DMV.

The DMV Survey, which was conducted over a period of four months, showed that individuals were eager for changes within the system.


"We decided it was time to look into how Americans interact with the government, and in particular, the state-run Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)," stated the article's writer, Jordan Perch. "We uncovered the key issues and found out what people are willing to do to solve them. The results were surprising. Not only are people dissatisfied with the inefficiencies and growing costs of government—they want drastic changes to the system." The survey results show that one in three visitors were dissatisfied with their DMV wait time or say that a DMV employee was rude to them.

Half of all in-person visits to the DMV have a wait time of more than 30 minutes. The infographic created by goes on to illustrate several other major issues relating to how the DMV currently operates. Most importantly, with operating costs totaling 7.1 billion dollars nationwide, the states' driver and vehicle regulation departments place a massive burden on the taxpayer.

Fixing the inefficiency and waste caused by the 50 state DMV agencies is a daunting task. The article suggests a radical proposition may be the answer: privatize and go online. "We need to go beyond incremental changes and quick fixes," noted Perch. "Leveraging technology while increasing private sector involvement could revolutionize a bureaucratic and inefficient service."

Individuals interested in learning more about and its services can visit the company's website for more information.