Prius Ends Up Wedged In Doorway

What you’re looking at up there used to be a Toyota Prius, and, yes, it’s crammed into a doorway of a building. The bizarre location for a Prius happened as the result of a crash in Indianapolis, where a teenaged driver ran a red light and crashed into a building. The driver is in critical condition, but responsive. The Prius, less so.

Here it is, a bit bigger, from the Indianapolis Fire Department’s Facrbook Page

According to Indianapolis-area station WTHR, the crash happened yesterday about 7:30 p.m.. The Prius was speeding, and the driver ran through a red light, then hit the traffic signal pole, which sent the car careening into the Bodycoate Thermal Processing building.

The Toyota hybrid somehow ended up on its side, and continued 20-30 feet into the building, somehow managing to cram itself right into a doorway. A firefighter at the scene told a WTHR reporter that she saw the car:

“... wedged cleanly – which is hard to believe – but it’s cleanly wedged into a doorway in the interior of the building.”

Somehow, the driver was actually able to exit the vehicle, which is pretty astounding, looking at that wreck. Nine workers who were working inside were uninjured, but I suspect very, very surprised.


Remember, it’s possible to do something stupid in a Prius just as well as in a Mustang or something.

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