Prepare Your Ears For The Monstrous 2016 COPO Camaro Dragster In Action

Chevrolet’s sixth-generation COPO is a very loud answer to Ford’s Cobra Jet Mustang and Mopar’s Dodge Drag Pak racers. And in usual fashion, they only build 69 this year.


This video was sent to us by none other than Andrew Rahaman, GM’s Senior Design Responsible Engineer working on specialty vehicles, performance parts and motorsports. The COPO Camaro is their child, and it turns out to be a glorious burnout machine.

Just like the earlier editions, the 2016 COPO is designed for NHRA’s Stock and Super Stock Eliminator classes, but since the new Camaro is lighter, sleeker and more rigid than the fifth-gen was, Chevy expects it to perform even better off the line.

Available with either a supercharged 350, a naturally aspirated 427 or the LT-based 376, the power goes through a Turbo 400 three-speed automatic and a rear axle with an aluminum center section featuring a spool-type differential and 40-spline gun-drilled axle shafts.

It’s also loud.

No word yet on fuel economy.


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