Pregnant Woman Mows Down Alleged Thief In Parking Lot

Being pregnant, I’m told, sucks. At least that’s what my wife says. Perhaps that’s why this pregnant Asheville, North Carolina, woman decided to run over the jackass who broke into her Ford Explorer and stole her purse. After an exhausting day of pregnancy, maybe running the alleged thief over seemed like a pretty good idea.


The whole incident was caught on video:

Luckily for everyone, the suspected purse-grabber isn’t dead, just dealing with some minor injuries as 2 tons of rage, Explorer, and fetus came charging at him.


The woman is Christine Braswell, 26, and she’s five months pregnant. According to what she told TV station KXAN, this was her thought process:

“I chased a little ways then come [sic] back, jumped in the car, throwed [sic] it in gear and came across the curb and ran him over. I was not going to let him get away with it. It’s not right it’s not fair.”

While I can’t condone running anyone over with your car, it’s not hard to understand her motivation; nobody wants their car broken into, and the urge to run the bastard over is a pretty hard one to fight.

Still, she could have killed the guy, and larceny and property damage (the crimes the man was charged with) aren’t capital offenses, which is why Braswell was charged with assault as well.


I guess the take away here is don’t steal from a pregnant woman, because a baby pressing down on your bladder all freaking day would make anyone ready to run someone over.

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Saw it on the news earlier. Agreed, you can’t just run someone down with a 2-ton machine because of petty theft, but emotionally I’m with her 100%. Hopefully she has a lenient judge.

PS - does the value of a purse/wallet contents change the nature of the crime?