A local news report on last night's power outage at Phoenix International Raceway captured the true meaning of being a race fan more perfectly than just about anything I've ever seen. "The party never stops," explained the fan who comes on at 1:25 in.

"Whether or not there's cars going around the track or not?" asked the reporter.

"It doesn't matter," explained the fan. "It never stops. The party keeps on going."


Now that's dedication. Party on, dude.

In one of the most bizarre occurrences at a modern race event, the power kept going out last night at Phoenix International Raceway. Rolling blackout issues affected the NASCAR Camping World Truck series race, at times lighting half the circuit, and at times lighting nothing at all.

A few lame-os left the scene, but the dedicated fans stuck through until the very end, as the race was red flagged and ultimately called early because of the blackouts.

NASCAR racers have totes adorbz headlight stickers in place of the real thing, which is why they race under bright lights at night. Perhaps they should reconsider this design decision and hold a Post-Apocalyptic Dust Bowl 500 (Presented By Cheerios) with on-car lighting for some good ol'-fashioned Mad Max-style racing.


Some truck fans were annoyed by the early ending, claiming that 2013 champion Matt Crafton could have wrapped up the title for 2014 last night had the race been allowed to restart and continue. Crafton finished second to Erik Jones, just short of securing the season title.

Other fans, however, came to party, and party they did. Successfully. Even in the dark.


Mission accomplished, good sirs.

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