Possibly The Only 1969 Renault 16 In America

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When I go to the self-service wrecking yard, as I did last weekend, it's not often that I draw a total blank when trying to identify an oddball car among the ranks of the steel organ donors. I play a little game in which I stand far enough away that I can't read any badges and try to guess the manufacturer. This car almost had me... until I spotted the three-lug wheels. Renault! Turns out this is a Renault 16, a car I've never seen on an American street in all my years on this earth. Check out that somewhat space-inefficent front-wheel-drive setup! I can only imagine the just-won-the-lottery sensation an American Renault 16 owner would feel upon stumbling across this once-in-a-lifetime jackpot. Jump like his heart to see the rest of the photos.


Rob Emslie

Remember, Renault went from primarily rear-engine/RWD to front-engine/FWD with very little change to the drivetrain layout. The R5 (Le Car to you non-frogs) had the same mid-engine layout, pushed so far back it necessitated the radio be installed vertically. Ah, the French.

Are there any Simcas in that lot?