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Hit-And-Run At The Venice Beach Boardwalk Injures At Least 12 [UPDATE]

Illustration for article titled Hit-And-Run At The Venice Beach Boardwalk Injures At Least 12 [UPDATE]

A possible hit-and-run at the world famous Venice Beach Boardwalk in California has injured at least 12 people, including two of them critically, according to the AP. Multiple witnesses reported that the driver appeared to be in control of the vehicle at the time.


The car was apparently still there at the intersection of the Boardwalk and Dudley Avenue by the time firefighters arrived on scene around 6 PM local time, according to Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey in the LA Times. It was still moving until it drove out of sight of firefighters, added the AP report.

Of course, we'll update you as more information comes in.

UPDATE: We've switched out the image up top to this one, courtesy of the AP. This is an actual screengrab of the car from a security camera as it plowed into the pedestrians on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. As of last report it is still at large.


UPDATE #2: A second picture of the car, also from the AP, appears below. It appears to be a Dodge Avenger:

Illustration for article titled Hit-And-Run At The Venice Beach Boardwalk Injures At Least 12 [UPDATE]

Of course, if you see a vehicle that matches the description and the images, do not hesitate to contact the Los Angeles Police Department, at 1-800-222-TIPS, or by dialing 911. As of 11:54 PM Eastern time, the driver is still at large, more than two hours after the incident.

UPDATE #3: The driver is described by authorities as white and male, with "sandy blonde" hair and appears to be in his mid-20s.


UPDATE #4: The New York Times is reporting that one person has died from their injuries.

UPDATE #5: A suspect matching the description by witnesses of the perpetrator has reportedly turned themselves in, according to the LA Times.


FINAL UPDATE: Via Gabrielle Bluestone over at Gawker:

Nathan Louis Campbell, 38, was arrested and booked on murder charges in connection with the boardwalk incident. Campbell apparently turned himself in a few hours after crash.

Police have identified the one fatality as an Italian woman, Alice Gruppioni, who was 32. Another victim is still in critical condition, and two are in serious condition. Eight more people are still being treated for less serious injuries.

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What are these? GoPros??? Don't tell me someone did this and recorded it.