Possible Ferrari Twin-Turbo V8 Spotted Doing Track Testing

As carmakers are ordered to downsize their engines by the EU, automakers have had to get creative (read: turbochargers) to keep the same number of horses under the hood while still meeting new fuel economy and emissions standards.


While we've already seen it affect performance cars, like the twin-turbo V8 in the new BMW M5 over the old one with the V10, Ferrari also seems to be going down the turbo route for the next-generation California.

Ferrari insiders have denied it up and down, but this spy video seems to feature the unmistakable hiss of forced induction, especially in the beginning.

Before you purists get in arms about a unnaturally aspirated Ferrari, remember that two of the greatest Ferraris of all time, the 288 GTO and the F40, featured turbocharged V8s.

This should also jive pretty well in a cross-promotional sense, considering that Formula 1, of which Ferrari is a perennial fixture, is switching over to turbocharged engines for 2014.

Though I don't think we'll have to worry about this engine sounding like crap.


Edit: Thanks to commenter Blondude for pointing out that this isn't the first time such a mule has been spotted. It's possible this is destined for a Maserati, but it could see duty in a Ferrari as well.


Hat tip to Car Crack!



What an odd throaty/fart type sound. It reminds me of an old school 70's euro racecar sound. Oh well, its still the testing phase im guessing