Porsche's New, Possibly Mid-Engine 911 Le Mans Racer Might Be A Turbo: Reports

Photo credit: Porsche
Photo credit: Porsche

When Porsche announced its new racing 911 last month, they curiously didn’t take any photos of the side profile. Now that side profile photos have leaked from a test day at Monza, eyewitnesses told Sportscar365 that the car isn’t just rear-mid-engined, but also likely turbocharged.

The first side profile photo of the shows side intakes in the same location as the road-going 911 Turbo S, suggesting that the newest 911 racer may be sucking in air for sweet, sweet twin-turbo forced induction. The Turbo S also features a 3.8-liter twin-turbo flat six.


The car’s reshaped rear end suggests that Porsche did nudge the engine up somewhat to make its latest racer a rear-mid-engine car, notes Sportscar365.

In addition to the different badonkadonk, the car features a redesigned rear wing with those huge black supports.

While Porsche is keeping technical details of its latest GTE-spec endurance racer under wraps, multiple reports indicate that Porsche was given technical waivers from the FIA and ACO to move the engine and gearbox to better compete with the other mid-engine GT cars.

Monza is believed to be the car’s first test outside of Porsche’s own Weissach test track. As we’ve seen many times before, it’s hard to keep a new race car completely under wraps outside of your own, heavily-guarded space.


This car will replace the current Porsche 911 RSR as the top-level GT endurance race car available to teams around the world. CORE Autosport and Team Manthey have already signed on to run Porsche’s WeatherTech Sports Car Championship and World Endurance Championship factory programs, respectively.

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It's a "Porch-uh"

So I don’t get why this is a surprise/shocker to anybody. Of course it’s a turbo. The base 911 is getting a turbo and they can’t have the racecar “falling behind” the road cars.

More importantly, why does my bluetooth mouse keep disconnecting from my Macbook Pro?