Porsche's New 935 Has Been Spotted Testing At Monza

Gif: 19Bozzy92 On YouTube

I have gone through several stages of feelings about the new GT2 RS-based 2019 Porsche 935 track day special since I heard about it on Thursday. First I was a mixture of intrigued and disgusted at the idea of a three-quarter-million-dollar Porsche 911.

Then I saw the car in person and was impressed by the striking visuals. I asked Porsche North America’s manager of product communications, Andrew Lennon, what the car was for, and he replied “Its only purpose is to go fast and make noise,” which frankly had me sold on the whole idea with the flip of a switch. It isn’t often that the Germans allow their engineers to go whole hog on a project, but when they do, the result is glorious stuff like this.

With this new video having surfaced of the car doing test laps at Monza, my enthusiasm has been kicked down a couple pegs again, because I have not seen it spit flames. If it’s going to carry the 935 name and look as crazy as it does, it really really really needs to spit flames. Please, for the love of all things Porsche, tell me that there is a flame spitter option for this ridiculous machine. It needs to happen.

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So please correct me if I am wrong. This is billed as a track day special, and yet it is quiet enough to drive on the street seemingly? MAYBE the mic on the camera was weak but I was so disappointed by the fact I could not hear it unless it was in the camera shot.

Look at any video of 911 rally cars and you hear the damn things 2 or 3 corners out. This is pretty weak sauce. I expect much better Porsche.