Porsche's Flat Four Engines Could Go As Tiny As 1.6 Liters

Downsizing! All the cool kids are doing it, even Porsche. We've heard Porsche plans to debut new turbocharged flat four-cylinder engines in the next few years, and today we have some possible details on how big and powerful they will be.


Notice I said "engines," plural. That's because the UK's CAR Magazine reports Porsche is planning a whole family of small turbo four-cylinder boxer motors to debut on the Cayman and Boxster first.

The engines, according to the magazine, will start at 1.6 liters with 210 horsepower, then move up to 2.0 liters with 286 horsepower, and top off at 2.5 liters with a solid 360 horsepower.

CAR says they have seen the specs on the new engines, and that the 2.0 and 2.5 are confirmed by Porsche. There's apparently doubt, however, about the baby 1.6-liter motor. That was part of a delayed or abandoned plan to make a "baby Boxster" with ties to Volkswagen and Audi.

The larger two engines would be more powerful than the flat sixes currently on offer in the Cayman and Boxster, and no doubt more efficient. I just hope they sound as intoxicating.


CAR also says that, not surprisingly due to emissions and fuel economy targets, that these four-bangers could make their way into other Porsche models over the years. Is a turbo flat-four 911 on the way? I wouldn't rule it out.

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