Porsche's 993 Turbo S "Project Gold" Sold For A Mind-Boggling $3.1 Million

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Last spring, Porsche started teasing the world with short video clips of the build process of this “brand new 993" which incorporated some pretty unique processes. The German luxury sports brand debuted the finished product at Pebble Beach in August, and I saw it at Laguna Seca during Rennsport Reunion VI. Now the not-road-legal classic 911 built with new genuine parts has crossed the auction block for an incredible $3.1 million sum.


The prices of Porsche 911 Turbo S models from the 993 era have been trending staggeringly upward over the last half-decade, and I’ve seen examples sell for nearly $300,000. That statistic on its own is enough to make me sit back and wish I’d received a huge tax cut. But then comes Porsche Classic’s 993 Turbo S Project Gold across the auction dais at ten times that fee, and the mind boggles.

Because the car was built on an original body-in-white that Porsche had sitting in the archives, and because it was built in their factory in 2018, it was required to receive a brand new VIN, making it a brand new car. Of course, it’s impossible for Porsche to sell a brand new car built to 1997 standards of crash and emission. This car cannot be road registered. You could always trailer the car to a track for some lapping sessions, but it isn’t exactly built to be a race car, more a sporting grand tourer.


I suppose if you have millions to spend on a Porsche, you can afford to pave your own private roadways on which to drive the thing.

Instead, it’s likely that this piece of art will be pushed into a gallery with other very expensive pieces of automotive art, never to see the light of day again. As collectors are fond of saying, this is as fine a place as any to park your money. It’s a good thing Porsche showed this car off so much this summer, because you’re never likely to see it again.


I think for the cost of 427,000 hours of labor at the national minimum wage (That’s 205 full-time employees for a year), I could recommission at least a few dozen 993 Turbo S. Literal and direct job creation. What a novel idea.


The proceeds of this car’s sale go to the Ferry Porsche Foundation, which “supports projects relating to science, research and education, as well as training and development, promotes cultural and environmental initiatives and helps people who are affected by social hardship”. The programs are designed to help young Germans in particular.

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