I spent most of my time at the Austrian Grand Prix at the GP2 paddock with Racing Engineering, and while their support quad did a fine job as a tow vehicle, Porsche Motorsport’s rather impractical golf cart took the crown easily.

Space is very tightly regulated in the paddocks with each GP2 and GP3 team allowed to have just on truck to do it all. Catering, different tire and parts suppliers and in this case, the Porsche Cup teams also share the same parking lot by the track, and since they all have lots of bulky stuff to move around before any of the tire smoke could begin, having scooters and bikes would hardly cut it.

Only ATVs and golf carts are small yet powerful and agile enough to tow a train of trolleys filled with parts and the pit crew onboard back and forth throughout the weekend, and it seems that Porsche decided to sacrifice some of the useful storage space just to have the coolest ride around without an FIA sticker.

The best part is that this golf cart even has proper plates. What more could one ask for?



Maybe an RS version. Yeah, that would be almost as cool as these cup cars.

Photo credit: Máté Petrány/Jalopnik


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