Porsche To Add Lightness, Insanity: The Roxster Is Nigh

Update: And now we're under the back fence. Porsche has just released a statement claiming nein, there will be no baby-SUV. However, if they did indeed grad the moniker Roxster, we have some advice for them. Stuff the twin-turbo V8 into the middle of the Cayman. That's a Roxster.

No Small Cayenne SUV, Porsche Says [Road & Track]

Yeah, so, Autobild is reporting Porsche has registered the name Roxster and will be launching a baby Cayenne/Audi Q5 sibling and BMW X3 competitor. Unlike big brother Cayenne, the Roxster shall have no off-road ability whatsoever. However, it will get stuffed with engines from the Cayenne. (So keep your eyes peeled for a 550+ horsepower Roxster Turbo S.) In other Porsche/Audi news, Autobild claims Porsche will share some Boxster/Cayman technology with Audi so the latter can release a mid-engined roadster. Audi is nowhere near as slick as Porsche when it comes to names, so they're just going to call it the R4. And if this little Audi goes to market, it will have the latest iteration of AAI (Awesome Audi Interior) as well as (probably) the DSG. We can hear Farago's breath quickening from over here.


Porsche baut den Baby-Cayenne [via Autobild]

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