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Even Porsche isn't immune to the German disease that is the "crossover coupe." On the heels of Mercedes' BMW X6-knockoff and the upcoming Audi TT crossover thing, Porsche is now rumored to be developing a Cayenne with a sharper roofline – a Cayenne it so desperately wants to call a "coupe."


Of all the rumors circulating about new German luxury vehicles, the Cayenne not-a-coupe sounds pretty plausible. And the idea, at least for Porsche, isn't as wild as it is for other companies. But obviously we're going to wonder why this niche exists at all.


A source with Autocar indicates the issue isn't really with the desire to build such a car, but with where. Porsche basically sells every Cayenne it can build, so the company would need to find a space in the vast VW Group empire to make the new model. But expect it to come along towards the end of the decade and based on the next-generation Cayenne, complete with a healthy price bump.

Autocar's rendering, however, reminds me less of a Cayenne and more of a Panamera with a lift kit. Which is probably a reasonable guess for what such a car would look like assuming Porsche's design language doesn't radically change soon. Names I hope they don't go for: Panameyenne. Cayennamera.

You never know what ridiculous idea some German companies will go with these days. Like calling almost everything with four doors a coupe.

Photo: Porsche

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