Porsche Recalls $850,000 918 Spyder Again

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The exclusive, brand-defining, bleeding-edge technical showcase Porsche 918 Spyder is getting another recall, this time for the car's chassis.


Bloomberg reports that the recall is a "precautionary measure," and that the recall covers "defective chassis parts."

We have reached out to Porsche to explain exactly that entails, and they stated that "the parts are fastener related." Porsche would not elaborate on the subject.


Here is the 918's chassis, if you are curious.

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This comes a few months after Porsche recalled a few dozen 918s for rear-axle longitudinal and transverse control arms that were not manufactured to Porsche's exacting specifications.


UPDATE: The official recall notice states that it's an axle problem again. This time the front axle "was fitted with chassis components from a batch whose durability cannot be guaranteed." Porsche stated before that we're talking about fasteners here, though the recall notice states this is a problem with the front lower suspension control arms. These could crack and break, which is not a good thing to happen to your car. As Porsche puts it, "vehicle handling may be impaired."

This differs from Porsche's last 918 recall, which was also axle- and control arms-related. It's just that the last recall was for the rear axle, though that was also a bad batch manufacturing situation.


The bad news for this new recall is that Porsche does not state how long the recall fix will take, though they expect it will be a month and a half to two months before parts come in for the 39 affected vehicles in America and the 5 in Canada. Porsche recommends (in bold text) that the cars be grounded until they get these fasteners replaced.

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Strange that it's not the hyper-technical and gimmicky (to some) hybrid powertrain, but the chassis and suspension bits, that have been effing up.

That seems ass-backwards.